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IncaX Geocaster is the core technology behind the IncaX product stack. At the heart of the Geocaster system lies technology developed by IncaX for the Office Of Naval Rearch (ONR) Distruptive Business Technologies group.

Geocaster (originally called Live Media GPS) is a popular Geocasting application for Windows Phone and Android that combines live GPS tracking with live video streaming.

Geocasting is broadcasting your Geographic location or Geographical Broadcasting, which we have shortened to Geocasting. It also describes the ability to broadcast video along with your Geographic location.

The latest version of Geocaster is available for Windows Phone 8, 7.5, Windows RT and Android 2.3 (and above) smartphones. Older versions exist for the iPhone, Windows Mobile 6 and for Blackberry.

The IncaX Geocast Server is available in 3 configurations

  • On-premise installation
  • Deploy to your own Windows Azure account
  • A cloud based subscription service managed by IncaX

Visit our YouTube channel to see the system in action.

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