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The application of Geocasting is only really limited by your imagination. Scenarios cover three many areas, Recreational (e.g. Sailing, Cycling and Running), Social (e.g. Social Media integration, social group coordination) and Professional (e.g. Emergency Service Coordination, Training, Security).

This page contains case studies showing how organizations or individuals have used IncaX technology to achieve commercial, organizational or individual goals.

For those considering enterprise deployments we have a number of public case studies demonstrating how some of our enterprise customers are using the technology:

IncaX uses mapping capabilities to protect law enforcement officers and citizens

Software company IncaX created the CopTrax solution to stream live video from a police officer’s vehicle or body camera and store it in the cloud. To better pinpoint officers’ locations and reconstruct details of police activity, IncaX incorporated Bing Maps into its solution. Now, IncaX law enforcement customers use CopTrax to make more informed day-to-day decisions, reduce IT administration, and respond more quickly to critical incidents. Read more...

U.S. Navy Research Exercise Demonstrates Microsoft®-based Mobile GPS Solution’s Potential

To explore options for reducing IT costs while enabling a mobile workforce, the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR) has conducted field testing of a mobile command and control solution comprised of off- the-shelf components, including Microsoft® tools and technologies and phones powered by Windows Mobile. The exercise included IncaX’s Live Media GPS and enabled ONR to demonstrate innovative ways to leverage IT for collecting and analyzing operational data.

U.S. Navy Proves Cloud Service as Viable Solution for Rapid, Cost-Effective Innovation

Located in Arlington, Virginia, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) is an executive branch of the United States Department of Defense that strives to find new technologies that help support operations for the Navy and Marine Corps. Faced with a lengthy and expensive research and development process, the Disruptive Business Technologies office at ONR wanted to explore new ways to rapidly deploy new capabilities to military personnel. The organization worked with Inca X and other technology partners to implement a proof-of-concept, cloud service-based solution that is built on Windows Azure and interoperates with smartphones, encryption technologies, and other off-the-shelf products. As a result of the project, ONR demonstrated its ability to rapidly develop and deploy new capabilities, found a cost-effective solution, and improved its ability to deliver innovative solutions.

IncaX technology has been extensively tested and proved in the real world. There have been 1000's of broadcasts in numerous countries across a whole range of carriers and devices.

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