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IncaX is a privately owned company formed 10 years years ago with the aim to develop a range of products all specifically aimed at making the job of building great mobile applications simple. The success of this initial venture into the mobile software market encouraged us to develop the IncaX product line. As a company with a track record of continuous product development and successful growth we look forward to the future and take pride in our past.

IncaX is an entirely cloud based business e.g. on demand resource pool of technology, consulting and support services with a cloud driven business model. All deployments to date have had to be delivered through the cloud with 100% success rate i.e. no IncaX employees have had to physically be present with the customer at anytime during design, set up and installation process.

All business processes are designed to be effective from a remote / cloud based delivery perspective. Our technology is proven by thousands of broadcasts, from numerous countries using a wide variety of carriers and devices.

Founded in 2003, UK based company IncaX™ has built up an impressive list of customers ranging from telecoms to police departments to military.

In 2004 IncaX started to develop a range of products all specifically aimed at making the job of building great mobile applications simple. From constructing prototype mobile apps as a proof of concept, to integrating enterprise services into a complete mobile infrastructure.

After 3 further years experience developing Windows Mobile and Java ME applications for its customers, IncaX then started to focus on designing a range of consumer focused products for Windows Mobile.

In early 2007 IncaX launched "Live Media for Mobile" which included some of the core functionality that would later form the building blocks for Live Media GPS and the IncaX Geocast Services Platform technology.

Launched in 2008 Live Media GPS has proven to be a popular geocasting application for Windows Mobile that combines both live GPS tracking with live video broadcast from a range of Smartphones.

At Cowes Week Regatta 2008, Live Media GPS powered by the IncaX Geocast Services Platform was trialled by the Pelican Racing Team competing in the Laser SB3 class. The trial was a 100% success with zero software faults throughout the week long competition.

Following the success of Cowes Week, in September 2008 the service was used by multiple boats competing in the SB3 World Championship - again a complete success.

In 2009 we released the first production version of our Geocast Services Platform technologies called GeocastServer, which was successfully deployed and used on several two week exercises by the US Navy (Office Of Naval Research).

From 2010 until the present day we have had the opportinuty to work directly with many agencies, departments and with Microsoft to build and improve our products.

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