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Network video cameras are becoming cheaper and smaller but the issues of making these cameras securely available to Internet connected clients without the need for complex IT infrastructure configurations, such as firewalls, VPNs and port forwarding remain a challenge.

Many modern Network / IP Cameras offer “cloud based” solutions along with applications for iOS and Android that allow users to view the cameras via the Internet, however, these solutions generally depend on connectively via a “foreign” cloud hosted in countries frequently asscoaited with hacking government organizations.

The Inca X NVCC product is designed to address the above challenges by providing seamless and secure access to your organization’s network / IP cameras from anywhere in the world. NVCC works in conjunction with the Inca X server solution which can be hosted in a customer’s data center or hosted on a US Government approved cloud, such as Microsoft’s Government Cloud.

Key feautres

  • Global secure access to your network cameras
  • Windows Desktop client
  • iOS (iPad) App
  • Android (Tablet) App
  • No client configuration
  • No need for complex client-side configurations of camera URIs
  • No need to open-up firewall ports
  • No port forwarding required
  • Can deploy middle-tier to Microsoft Government cloud without need for complex configurations.

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